Federici.Vip is a website boutique. To deliver our best services to your project, we limit our availability to 4 projects per month. Thus, we find a balance between the time needed to develop a successful platform for your project and the application of all our tools for your development.

Among our customers are:

Oscuro Espresso stands out in Sydney, Australia for its Latin footprint and urban and contemporary visual identity.
Our challenge as an agency was to portray this personality of the café without losing sight of the final objective described by the client.
The page highlights the style of the cafe, but mainly acts as a practical way to locate the points of sale and menu of Sydney's favorite Latino Café, since 2017.

Still under construction, this website by international photographer Mel Freitas has the triple purpose of serving as a portfolio, highlighting the photographer's services and purchasing a numbered series of her award-winning photographs.
The website is made in WordPress and uses photo protection plugins, in addition to having an internal e-commerce platform.

The work was totally designed by Federici.Vip, from the logo to the choice of the name of the portal - since we were asked for a domain (.com) that had the same meaning and spelling in Portuguese and Spanish.
All content development, image processing and website design were done by Federici.Vip, as well as the translations and management of 12 social media channels, including the development of landing pages for such networks.

The client gave us the freedom to use an already tested and proven platform for online success, modifying the color palette and layout to present the project effectively.
Federici.Vip was in charge of adapting existing content and creating new material. Treatment of own images and image bank, development of contact mechanisms and tools for capturing customers and personalized buttons, such as those developed for access to chat via whatsapp.

The company approached us to redesign its website and turn it into a useful tool for its sales sector. The website acts as a support to the commercial sector, demonstrating the company's productive capacity and presenting a virtual product catalog.
As it is a company focused on B2B, the project has a much more technical character and where the main thing is to show the quality of the company's product line.

Australian company ADP Group Services initially contacted us to design an institutional website for the company. During the process, the company chose to transform the traditional website into a webstore aimed at the public in Sydney - Australia.
Altogether there are more than 120 products registered in the webstore, each one with different options of extension and diameter.


Webstore developed on the WIX platform.

Project still under construction of a webstore allied to a store on Instagram.

Iceland investment project page.