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Traditional Websites

When choosing your website template, you need to consider your target audience, your marketing strategy and your volume of information. Perhaps because of this, the traditional model of websites is still the most used today on the internet.

Traditional Website

At first glance, there are not many secrets to setting up a traditional website: 

If, on the one hand, there is an explanation for the success of the “traditional” model of websites, a large number of bad experiences with sites that “do not convert” or “do not work” are due to the misapplication of modern concepts to the traditional model.

It is essential to take into account the current market trends and prepare your website for the current demands of consumers, even if using a traditional model.

How a Traditional Website at Federici.Vip Works?

Our concept at Federici.Vip is to use all the bases already tested and approved of the most traditional design of a website and adapt it to the demands of a modern consumer. All of our websites are made within a structure developed by Federici.Vip and based on studies of an ideal conversion funnel. All of this presented in an intuitive and responsive way, working perfectly for computers, tablets and cell phones.

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Your homepage is your virtual business card. We will guide your reader with practical, concise and direct information. All within a planned conversion funnel, focused on the content and design bases, registered trademarks of a Federici.Vip website

About Us

It is important to be clear and objective when describing your company / project. Time to market, level of experience, mission, and values. All in a concise way, highlighting the most important points and providing the reader with what really makes your company different from the others.

Service / Product

On this page we will show your visitor, that your product / project / service will be able to solve the problem they are currently facing. Let's show the value of your proposal and how it will positively affect your reader's life.


One of the last tools to be implemented by traditional sites, but indispensable, the Blog is an extremely important tool in your online strategy. In addition to being a way to captivate your target audience, it represents 87% of organic searches on Google.


A well designed contact form is a powerful tool when making a follow-up with a potential client and to present innovative solutions to visitors who have already shown interest in your project.

What makes Federici.Vip different

Result Oriented

The model you choose may even be called “traditional”, but your website will be very different from the traditional websites you find on the market.

We are going to develop a conversion funnel exclusively for your website, considering your visitor’s different entry points and the best way to guide you through conversion.

Traditional Website

Starting from

A$ 1500


Nosso projeto inclúi:

All Federici.Vip websites come with:

Nothing is more important on a website than the experience it offers the user. Federici.Vip studies behavior data of its target audience to offer the best User eXperience.

It is a known fact that the design of your website have a lasting impact on your brand and how people perceive you. At Federici.Vip we take this seriously balancing the UI and UX to maximize your results.

Your website needs a good marketing strategy and it all starts with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
We will plan your website in a way to make it rank higher on Google and other serach engines.

Other Services

In addition to our base package, we have tools that can facilitate the development of your project:

The price of separate services varies according to the scope of the project, please contact us for updated quotations.

Website maintenance

A$ 35 monthly

If you believe in your product / project / service, let Federici.Vip help you show them to the world!!